LPV5: Fasting for the Soul

Part two of my food-centered podcasts... in this case the abstainance from.  I discuss how fasting can be used as part of a spiritual practice and how I incorporate fasting into my Imbolc celebration... I also bring up some of why I gave up on Christianity... just some of my issues with some of the concepts... I hope it doesn't come across too anti-christian, I just meant to explain what I felt about it at the time...

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LPV4: Food for the Soul

Still trying to nail down the sound here... hope I have it now...

Food is an important part of our everyday lives and a key opportunity to live our spirituality... I talk about some ways people use eating as a spiritual practice and I also touch breifly on magickal morality... I also share some yummy recipes for treats!

I'd love to hear about your experiences and practices, please feel free to message me!


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