LPV 80: Changes - A Sonic Ritual

This is a sonic ritual, showcasing music, poetry and ideas about change. We start with contemplating impermanence and the inevitability of change and move into the act of accepting and creating change.  May it serve as a backdrop for your own personal transformations.

The music presented in this episode, in order of appearance, is as follows:

Seeds of Change - Bright Blac

Everything Changes - Will Tang

Everything Changes - Delaware

The Change - Option 22

Room for Change - Felipe Tarantino

Change - Sunburn in Cyprus

Change is Free - Lisa Bell

We Are Shangri-La - S.J. Tucker

Things Will Change - The Cocktail Revisionists

La Femme De La Mer - Wendy Rule

Cauldron of Changes - Lindie Lila

Winds of Change - Matt Montez

Change of Autumn - Brian Turner

A Change is Upon Me - Tommy the Silent

Cloud 9 - Urban Myth Club

Wonders - S.J. Tucker

Winds of Change - Noel Miller

For Love of All Who Gather Reprise/Spirit Call - S.J. Tucker