LPV11: Books, Bikes and Broomsticks

What's on my bookshelf?  I go through my list of recomended books... I know not everyone would recomend the ones I do, but that's what personal taste is for ;) Trek bicycles and some local places to find them are featured, I talk about paganism in urban settings and taking care of our two-wheeled neighbors.

Trek Bicycles: http://www.trekbikes.com/

Scarlet's Library: http://www.geocities.com/lilacphilex/scarletslibrary.html

Bike Laws- US, Canada, UK and more: http://www.massbike.org/bikelaw/statelaws.htm

Australian Road Authority and Bicycle Rules: http://www.woj.com.au/australian-road-authority-links/

Racine Cyclery: http://www.racinecyclery.com/

Pedal Moraine: http://pedalmoraine.com/

Ghost Bikes: http://www.ghostbikes.org/kenosha


LPV10: Tools… Seriously…

My totally subjective opinions about initiation lead this episode, followed by a party in someones pants... speaking of tools, where can you find them if you don't live next door to the occult metaphysical emporium of dreams (or misplaced your floo powder and can't get to Daigon Alley)?

And then more yapping about exercise...

I do like exercise.

Party In My Pants: http://www.partypantspads.com/