LPV 2015 Special Music Episode (Part 2 - Meditations)

Waves and Water - Jeff Rosiana

Winter Sun - Cross the Border

Bliss - Rob Costlow

Endless Night - All India Radio

Lachrymatory - Sara Ayers

Fate - Woodrow Berger

Water in Our Hand - Dive Index

Mellow Vibes - Jeff Rosiana


LPV - 2015 Music Special (Pt1- Review)

Jeff Rosiana - Waves and Water

Andrea Harper - These Walls

Cris Tanzi - New Shoes

DJ Deweese - Season for Everything

Jeff Caylor - Waiting for the Winter to End

Apollo Sunshine - Singing to the Earth (To Thank Her for You)

Dougal Holloway and Matt Stevens - Burning Bandstands Remix

Ayla Brown - Thanks to You

Army of Me - Going Through Changes

The Divine Madness - True Love

The Divine Madness - Haunted

Hungry Lucy - You Are (The Null Device Mix)

Hungry Lucy - In the Circle (The Neikka Mix)


LPV79: Soul Mates

This episode is all about love.  Mostly, my take on the idea of “soul-mates” (obviously)

Also, do you know how hard it is to say “Eros’ Arrows” and make it sound like not the same word twice?


True Love - The Divine Madness

In the Circle (Neikka RPM Mix) - Hungry Lucy

Tarot project:

2 decks, each person selects two cards, one for self and one for companion.

2 decks, each person doeas reading for 1.) What you’ve learned/grown 2.) What you contribute 3.)improvements

2 decks, each person does a speed-read for 1.) Time together 2.) gift 3.) fun new thing

1 deck read together 1.) Goals 2.) growing closer 3.) Future wish